MyNode Community Edition


MyNode Community Edition is the open source, freely available version! It includes a nearly all of the MyNode features and can easily be downloaded and installed on a number of devices. The source code is available on GitHub.


The community edition comes with a number of wonderful features:

  • Full Bitcoin Node
  • Lightning Wallet
  • Intuitive UI / Web Interface
  • Bitcoin Explorer
  • Electrum Server - BTC Light Wallet Server
  • Ride the Lightning - Lightning Wallet
  • LND Hub - Lightning Wallet Server
  • Bitcoin CLI
  • LND Connect - Generate QR Codes for connecting wallets
  • LN Channel Backup
  • LND Manage CLI Tool
  • Tor - Bitcoin and Lightning
  • Warden Terminal
  • JoinMarket
  • Opendime Support
  • Sphinx Relay
  • PyBlock
  • Balance of Satoshis
  • Dedicated hardware keeps you constantly and securely connected!
  • And more!
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We currently support images for the following devices:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Rock64
  • RockPro64
  • x86 Virtual Machine Image

Open Source

The source code for MyNode is publicly available on GitHub and is licensed under the CC BY-NC 4.0 licence.

More information on how to build and run the MyNode software from source is available on GitHub.

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Quick Start

You can run MyNode on your own device in just a few easy steps!

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Community Edition


  • Basic Software
  • Limited Support