Full Bitcoin Node

MyNode provides a full Bitcoin node for all users, which increases the security of the overall network and removes the need to trust a 3rd party for the status of your transactions!
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Each MyNode device runs LND and creates a Lightning wallet. You can access and use this wallet via your preferred method!
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Intuitive UI

Every MyNode device provides a helpful, web-based user interface to help everyone, from Bitcoin novices to experts, fully participate and experience the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks!


MyNode prioritizes security by running Bitcoin and Lightning via Tor. This increases your privacy by making it more difficult for 3rd parties to access your IP address and location.
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Bitcoin Explorer

Each MyNode device comes with multiple Bitcoin explorer options that allows you to view the details of every transaction that has occurred on the Bitcoin network. This allows you to view your transactions without 3rd party services being able to track you via your IP and Bitcoin addresses.
Mempool and BTC RPC Explorer

Electrum Server

MyNode can run an Electrum Server that allows you to use your device as the trusted Bitcoin server for your Electrum wallets!
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Lightning Wallets

A number of popular interfaces are available to manage Lightning. Transfer funds, open channels, send and receive sats via your favorite wallet apps like Ride the Lightning and Thunderhub!


A huge variety of other applications are available through the Marketplace! Explore, Transact, Chat, and more with all the apps MyNode has to offer!

Bitcoin CLI

If you are an advanced user, MyNode provides the ability to access the Bitcoin CLI via SSH, as well as through a web GUI for maximum access.

Management Tools

For advanced users, a number of tools are also included to help manage and monitor your node. Access CLI tools to check your device status, manage lightning, test nostr, rebalance channels, and a whole lot more.

QR Pairing Codes

The MyNode UI provides access to QR codes and text strings making it very simple to connect 3rd party wallets to your node!
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LN Channel Backup

MyNode provides backups of your lightning channel state which can prevent loss of funds in situations where your disk fails or is corrupted. You can use the MyNode UI to download a backup and MyNode keeps two copies of the channel backup - one on the SD card and one on the hard disk to limit as many risks as possible.

Dedicated Hardware

Because MyNode is a dedicated, physical device you don't have to worry about being disconnected from the Bitcoin and Lightning networks when your PC or laptop is offline. Lightning works best when constantly connected to the Internet to ensure it maintains the latest network information as often as possible. This helps prevent accidental Lightning channel closures and unnecessary Bitcoin transactions, saving you money in Bitcoin fees!

VPN for Secure Remote Access

MyNode provides VPN access so you can securely use your Lightning wallet from your phone anywhere with Internet access! Simply enable VPN, download the VPN file to your phone, open in the OpenVPN app, and connect. Now any remote apps, like Zap, Zeus, or Blue Wallet, can be securely used while you are away from home!

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